Mohit Vaishnav

A practitioner of Computational Neuroscience, Visual Reasoning, and Artificial Intelligence. PhD student at ANITI (France).

I am Mohit Vaishnav, an aspiring scientist trying to find the right spot between the conjunction of Artificial intelligence, neuroscience and computer vision. During my Ph.D., I explored different aspects of visual reasoning abilities in machines and compare with that of humans. My task was to investigate the failure of modern AI networks in solving simple abstract reasoning abilities. We looked for the motivation towards neuroscience and systematically evaluated the intrinsic ability demonstrated by humans – memory and attention. I am working as a consultant now, working to provide solutions broadly related to computer vision and AI domain. I have a startup named Sarvaswa AI registered in France. Do not hesitate to contact me via email if you want to discuss more.

Before joining this Ph.D. I interned at a start-up, WeDiagnostiX (Paris, France), in dental imaging, where I developed their first working prototype. The company at that time existed only in the thoughts and discussions of a maxillofacial surgeon with an academic professor. I was tasked to be the torchbearer and explore the research direction singlehandedly. My responsibilities included collecting data, doing the labeling and building a working prototype for teeth segmentation and classification using X-ray images. I had to think of innovative ways to complete the task and eventually succeeded.